Our healthcare related projects span vaccine and sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing.  

Current projects include the development of large-scale, multipurpose real estate communities and all requisite infrastructure. 

We identify materials that are better designed, more sustainable, and more affordable for off-grid communities and emerging markets. 

We identify technologies and services that support all ASPIRx Group activities. 


December 2017 - ASPIRx Vax  (operating at the time as 'RMS') and Merck sign an MOU to design and construct the first vaccine manufacturing facility in Ghana.

August 2018 -  ASPIRx Group signs MOU with Bosch for co-development of vaccine and pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. 

Led by ASPIRx, these two activities solidify Merck and Bosch as designers and suppliers to one of the first GMP-certified vaccine manufacturing facilities in all of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Additional projects are underway in Rwanda. 




Through a series of consolidations, ASPIRx Infrastructure has been carrying out private and public-sector developments for over a decade. 

We began with the construction of schools and hospitals for the Government of Ghana and have progressed to deliver large-scale multipurpose real estate communities. In 2016, ASPIRx completed Phase 1 of a 11,000-unit  community just outside of Accra. This project is ongoing. 

Additional projects are underway in Senegal.  



ASPIRx Renew introduced energy-efficient Insulated Concrete Forms ('ICFs') to the Ghanaian market in 2010 for the construction of rural hospitals and schools.


In 2012, we introduced ICFs at a larger scale by using them to construct 1,500 housing units. The use of ICFs allowed us to finish construction in less than 18 months, after the necessary infrastructure was in place.  


We continue to identify and invest in materials that are better designed, more sustainable, and more affordable for off-grid communities and emerging markets.  



ASPIRx Innovativ identifies contributing technologies and innovations for ASPIRx business segments. We support fundraising activities for innovation and R&D for new business opportunities aligned with the Group's projects.

This segment is also responsible for building and maintaining an internal "innovation hub" for new and emerging talent. 

We are currently developing a research institute to drive innovation at ASPIRx Vax.  


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